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Operating nationally, Alpha Design Consultants provides a range of services that support our customers to deliver their telecommunications solutions in the field
of SAED (Site Acquisition, Environment and Design).

Our dedicated in-house team of professionals, specialise in Design, Engineering, Certification, Project Management, Site Conformance, Auditing, Drone assisted Auditing and associated services.


We are aligned with recognised industry experts who specialise in complimentary industry services such as Town Planning, Site Acquisition, EME Radio Frequency Engineering and others. Together we are able to offer tailored turnkey solutions for the telecommunications industry.

Network upgrades

Alpha Design Consultants has experience in all facets of network upgrades. Most projects involve reconfiguring and installing new radio components in order to integrate updated technologies such as 4G/5G/MIMO. Such upgrades may also require consideration for ancillary equipment, associated cabling, and/or complex structural design.


Working closely with professionals in the Site Acquisition Property and Environment fields, ADC designs new installations (on existing structures or in new locations) for national carriers as part of their network expansion projects. Additional considerations in new site designs include applying any updated standards and legislation, whilst also taking into account aesthetics to minimise visual impact on the community. 

Site Relocations

Our clients, as asset owners, are commonly faced with challenging  redevelopments and lease agreements which may lead to the requirement to relocate an entire installation. Alpha Design Consultants' designers are able to propose the most suitable and commercially effective solutions to satisfy our clients' needs.

Technical Reporting

Alpha Design Consultants is experienced in producing technical reports and associated documentation in addition to the day-to-day project management reporting, including:

  • Dilapidation Reporting

  • Civil and Structural

  • Engineering design

  • Rectification works 

  • Post build audits

Drone Services

Utilising Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) during site inspections allows us to accurately capture site information without the requirement for abseiling or the use of elevated work platforms which drastically reduces deployment costs whilst also keeping our people on the ground and safe. Furthermore, mobile sites can remain operational during the survey process without the need for a scheduled outage which is often the case whilst climbing. The use of a UAV coupled with our extensive design experience, our service is much more than a photography exercise, this ensures critical site information specifically OH&S issues are not overseen. Our project Engineers are extensively trained and CASA accredited.

  • Detailed Site Surveys

  • Line of Sight Surveys

  • Structure condition audits

  • Asset Inspections

  • Post build audits

  • EME Point of Interest 

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