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We support our clients in the delivery of projects for some of Australia’s largest mobile network carriers. Whilst the majority of our projects (or 'rollouts') involve design of new 'Greenfield' sites or upgrades to existing sites, we may also be requested to design bespoke installations showcasing the newest technologies.


The nature of Mobile Telecommunications projects means that we progress hundreds of sites simultaneously under any ‘project’ banner, for a multitude of clients.

Optus Greenfield, RANCAP, eJV & 5G Upgrade Projects

The main objective of this project was to update Optus' equipment for L7/U9/L18/UL21/L23/L26 technologies within their allocated spectrum across thousands of sites nationally. This involved fast-paced delivery from site visit through to certified designs, enabling Optus’ build contractors to install new 4T4R channeled components, increasing reliability and volume of transmissible traffic on the extensive Optus mobile radio network.

Alpha Design Consultants completed hundreds of these upgrades for several clients, ensuring consistently accurate and time-focused delivery through both Phase 1 (feasibility phase) and Phase 2 (design phase).

Vodafone Sole Risk, eJV & 5G Upgrade Project

Vodafone’s decision to expand their existing SPINOZA JV (900/2100MHz) installations co-located with Optus illustrates their commitment to strengthening their mobile network in 2018. Nationally Vodafone deployed additional U850/L1800/L2100 and L2300 technologies. This required much more than ancillary equipment replacement / adds, but additional infrastructure such as headframe steelwork, larger antennas, multiple Remote Radio Units (RRU’s), and in some cases Structural Strengthening design works due to the increased structural loading.  Furthermore, AC power upgrades were required to be undertaken to accommodate the proposed increase in AC power loading. This project challenge was eagerly accepted by Alpha Design Consultants, working with one of our long time clients in the SAED field.

NSW Ambulance Essential Services Project

Alpha Design Consultants were extremely fortunate to win a contract to design six new essential services sites for the NSW Ambulance Service. These sites required a very large footprint of 100 x 100m, and the installation of an extremely sensitive and specialist antenna system consisting of a main central supporting lattice structure with antenna elements radiating around it, anchoring back to the ground in a radial pattern, in some ways similar to a guyed mast installation.

Additional consideration was required regarding location of other metallic installation components such as equipment shelters, fencing etc. so as to avoid interfering with the antennas' sensitive operating environment. This type of antenna is capable of transmitting over hundreds of kilometres, and these sites are strategically placed around the state of New South Wales acting as ‘backbone’ support to the NSW Ambulance emergency services radio network.

shutterstock_330016628 NSW police.jpg
NSW Police Radio Communications Maintenance Project (RCMP)

Over the years Alpha Design Consultants has participated in various projects for the NSW Police Force delivering designs and engineered solutions for their various needs. The essential nature of Police radio communications means that a reliable network is required. We have assisted in providing structure audits, upgrades, new installations and consolidation designs as required. Many Police Station radio antennas have been upgraded with more reliable components, and additional design services have been provided for special projects such as strategic installations to handle the PolAir helicopter video downlinks.

Special event_image019_edited.jpg
Nokia Small Cell Installations

In 2018 the Commonwealth Games were held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and in response to predicted heavy traffic network demands, Nokia deployed 15 Optus Small Cell installations in the Broadbeach precinct. These installations were required to cope with the temporary increase in traffic on the broadband spectrum for the duration of the Games. Alpha Design Consultants were instrumental in the concept and implementation of innovative designs to accommodate the required equipment, as well as reduce visual impact.

Two different site types were implemented; one utilised existing Council owned light poles and existing power supplies. The second solution was to utilise 5 off existing ‘light duty’ light poles to support two antennas and cabling only. The solution for the ground-mounted BTS equipment consisted of a custom ‘bin’ enclosure on a custom concrete ground slab that accommodated all required cabling. The overall solution was extremely aesthetically pleasing, functional and of a ‘low impact’ nature, delivering exceptional coverage for Optus’ mobile radio network.

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