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Alpha Design Consultants was established in 2009, built on the simple philosophy

that clients deserve the best quality and service.

“Our main objective is to provide our clients with a consistently high level of service, quality, accuracy and efficiency across our entire range of services. We initially set out to provide the highest quality Design and Engineering services to the Australian mobile telecommunications industry at a competitive price, in direct competition with much larger firms. As a result of this dedication, the Alpha team is now recognised and well-respected throughout the industry.”

Today, our founding director George remains focused on meeting client needs, actively assisting in the overall management of projects, whilst entrusting day-to-day activities to their talented and experienced team. With a desire to lead by example, George remains directly contactable for all clients at any stage of a project. 

Offering its services Australia wide, Alpha Design Consultants is headquartered in Sydney, NSW.

George Stratikopoulos
Founder and Director

As a founding director of Alpha Design Consultants, George brings extensive experience gained from twenty years in the Telecommunications industry in Australia.

Qualified in Architectural Design, George worked his way up through the ranks at many reputable Design and Engineering companies to senior roles overseeing CAD Design and Project Management on a national clients.

George leads the Financial, Project Management and Development side of the business.

Ellen Stratikopoulos
Office Manager

The role of Office Manager is as diverse as it is important to the success of the business. The ‘backbone’ of the organisation, Ellen’s daily responsibilities range from Project co-ordination, client liaison, financial management, staff deployment, site access, and general office operations and procedures. Ellen is extraordinarily well organised, passionate about client service, and likes to focus on making the delivery of complex projects as enjoyable as possible.

Michael Howlum
Project Engineer
Cal Xu
Project Engineer

Cal has a wide collection of academic training and vast experience in network management, IT and Mobile network infrastructure planning and design, HFC and FTTx networks. Cal moved into the mainstream telecommunications market working for several telco carriers such as Telstra before arriving at Alpha Design Consultants. His daily responsibilities range from project co-ordination, site design visit, mobile network planning and design and CAD drafting. 

Gavin Lees
Project Manager

After a longterm, successful role as Project Engineer with Telstra, Gavin moved into the mainstream telecommunications market working at several well-known firms before arriving at Alpha. With an incredible eye for detail and advanced technical knowledge, Gavin brings a positive attitude and amiable manner, enhancing his effective leadership methods.

Michael Howlum
Project Manager

From his early career at Telstra, Michael gained extensive experience in the telecommunications industry. He furthered his knowledge and diverse experience as a Project Engineer with roles at several reputable industry organisations.

Michael's in-depth analytical skills, eye for detail and extensive knowledge ensure he is an effective partner for clients to manage complex projects.

CAD Design Team
In-house expertise

We pride ourselves in having the most dynamic and experienced people in the telecommunications industry. Our CAD team has been hand-picked by the company director, and have been at Alpha for some time. They know our industry and our clients, and are the bedrock of what we deliver. 

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